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Real-time security surveillance – NOT ON RECORD ONLY

Security surveillance – WHY TO CHOOSE IT?

  • Reduction of security costs and exclusion of human fault or fatigue
  • Advantage to any services with signalling and security equipment used effectively mainly in closed spaces with no movement of people or objects in them
  • Surveillance systems achieve remote visual security of open or closed spaces regardless of whether there is any motion in them or not
  • PREVENTION – an extraordinary advantage of this type of security to the signalling and security equipment security is the possible prevention against encroachments on the guarded property. Unlike the signalling and security equipment systems where the response is related to an alert of burglary, with real-time surveillance we may send the respective authorities or teams on site in case of suspicious movement of persons and motor vehicles around the guarded sites which, on one hand, would actually impede any encroachments on the client’s property and, on the other hand, it saves a lot of the client’s costs for repair, etc.
  • Control of work place and available property – it is possible to control the actions of workers and employees within the territory of the guarded site visually due to real-time monitoring. An extremely important factor ensuring the control impartiality is the location of the monitoring unit taken out of the employer’s structure and sites physically and formally.
  • Disadvantage – this method is not suitable for access control at the entry and exit points. This business is performed by a security team of specialists in physical security trained in advance.


The proper positioning of a certain number of cameras may cover entire rooms and sites and the video data sent from the site are arranged by a special method enabling all guarded rooms and sites to become a part of the visual spectrum of a single person.

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