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Professional house manager and treasurer for Varna



SATIS MANAGEMENT has been offering its clients the services of Professional condominium manager and treasurer for several years. We have acquired rich experience as a hired private house manager of various residential buildings in that period. We are happy to share our expertise with more residents and assist them in turning their building into a temple of understanding and harmony in the neighborhood.

In 2017 we wished to provide our clients with the maximum of updated information and transparency regarding their payments and events in the communal areas of the condominium. For that purpose we introduced the FM Assistant software which is accessible 24/7.

Due to the above, we managed to optimize our work process and make it accessible to the people who trust us. Because we know that trust is gained every day!



  • Organization of the Condominium general meetings
  • Provision of the full set of legally required documentation under the Condominium management act
  • Introduction and updating of a house register containing the condominium owners and residents.
  • Consultation and elaboration of the condominium internal rules
  • Consultation and assistance provided to the owners at taking any common decisions
  • Gathering and processing of individual proposals and questions on common issues relating to the welfare of the building they live in
  • Coordination, management and execution of the condominium decisions
  • Comprehensive consultations on issues relating to the Condominium management and welfare
  • Constant information to the residents on the communal areas and order in the building by email and by notices on site.
  • Condominium registration with the relevant administrative registers
  • Provision of reports on the execution of the decisions of the general meeting and on the costs in that relation
  • Management of contracts and participation in negotiations for conclusion of contracts with the Condominium
  • Protection of the Condominium’s rights under contracts with any third parties
  • Representation of the Condominium in front of any third parties
  • Response in case of emergency call within the communal areas of the Condominium and activity coordination for their removal
  • Consultation on issues relating to the communal area management



  • Regular and fixed visits for collecting the Condominium charges from the residents
  • Monthly statement of any sums due by units in the building, which should be placed in the hallway and sent by email.
  • Possible payment of the Condominium charges by bank
  • Payment of any sums due for power in the communal areas, water, lift service and any other costs relating to the communal areas
  • Provision of complete reports on the sums collected and spent in relation to the Condominium payment management
  • Submission of complete three-/six-months’ and annual reports of the Condominium cash fund available
  • Preparation of forecasts and analyses on the Condominium budget
  • Provision of the Condominium book of income and expenses
  • Report on the reserve fund collected and any expenses incurred out of there
  • Regular communication with any debtors to the Condominium cash fund
  • Organization of debt collection from bad payers in court upon a resolution adopted by the general meeting


Rental management


In order your property to be successfully let on the market, SATIS MANAGEMENT performs the search for tenants of commercial premises or residential properties in the building, full assistance in the execution of rental contracts, collection of payments for rent and bills from any tenants in the building taking care of the comfort and satisfaction of individual tenants and owners in the building.

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