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Physical site security

SATIS MANAGEMENT is licensed under the Private security business act and it is issued a valid license for performing security business. The company complies with all requirements for performing security business under the applicable legislation and it operates with a selected team.

SATIS MANAGEMENT performs surveillance, installation of signalling and security equipment, control of access, support of a 24 h centre of coordination of security teams of guarded sites.

SATIS MANAGEMENT has experience also in security of construction and production premises and quarries where both strict access control and other special control activities are performed in favour of the Client and in view of protecting his property in the guarded sites.


  1. Inspection by professionals to identify any critical and dangerous zones causing vulnerability and creating risk for the security of your property. During the inspection you receive:
    • free advice on security
    • an opportunity to request a site security mode adapted to your wishes and needs – specific uniform gear, security teams’ appropriate behavior and culture, location of security posts, control of access, setting up access controlled areas, etc.
  2. Elaboration of a special security proposal including proposals of modernization and optimization of the security of your property – an opportunity to improve the level of security in the guarded zones and optimize the costs of security at the same time.
  3. Your opinion to be heard: discussion of the security proposal prepared for you. Finding the most adequate and effective solution guaranteeing the security of your property and satisfying your wishes and requirements.
  4. Plan agreement: the security of the site is performed as per the site security plan fulfilling your wishes and it determines the site security mode, mode of shifts of the security teams, their duration, number of security posts and number of guards per shift, fortification facilities, access control, number of site checkpoints and access controlled zones.
  5. Acceptance of the site to be guarded by SATIS MANAGEMENT – formation of a team of professionals who take care of your property security. During their work our security teams:
    • fulfil their official duties strictly, including the site security plan;
    • control their actions by Instructions for actions in various situations;
    • fulfil their official duties in an appropriate and discreet manner;
    • declare a confidentiality obligation;
  6. Contact with 24 h OPERATIONAL CENTRE.

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