SOT and panic button

SOT and panic button

In order to develop together with the needs of our customers, the managerial team of  SATIS SECURITY offered to the free market in 2013 the services  SOT and panic button response.

During 2013 these services were developed by SATIS MANAGEMENT based on the experience acquired during the long years offering man-on-site guardianship. The process of the services implementation will be successful, because it follows the implementation stages at international level thanks to the standards implemented by  SATIS MANAGEMENT:

  • Quality management system  ISO 9001:2008
  • Information security management system ISO 27001:2005
  • Health and safety during work management system  OHSAS 18001:2007

The services  SOT and panic button response offered by SATIS MANAGEMENT are categorically at level that meets the advanced quality requirements and benefit from the advantage of innovative and modern approach made possible by the innovative technologies of today!

In SASTIS MANAGEMENT we use equipment that provides the most profitable conditions for our customers – quality, service and best price. We use high-technological means for secured connection to the protected sites, which guarantees communication with them and the protection of the property of our customer.
Georgi Georgiev, procurator of Satis Security

The security teams of SATIS MANAGEMENT are well taught and trained and their vehicle driving skills and ability for quick response were initially tested and are improved continuously.

SOT service

  • In order to initiate security subscription with us you only need to contact us
  • In order to get information about our price policy, you need to contact us or send us an inquiry

How does all of the above happens?

You can entrust the security of your property to  SATIS SECURITY and we CAN:

Provide high-quality technical protection – the process involves:

  1. Inspection on site by competent individuals, who will consult you and will localize critical and dangerous zones that lead to vulnerability and create security risk for your property.
  2. Preparation of justified security proposal, including the prices of the required security systems.
  3. To  hear your opinion – discussion of the security proposal prepared specially for you. Finding the most appropriate and effective solution that will  guarantee the security of your property and will meet your desires and requirements.
  4. Establishment of constant connection with us – 24/7 continuous monitoring of your property! By connecting the established technical security systems for site protection with 24/7 OPERATIONS CENTER for surveillance at SATIS SECURITY , the security of your property is entrusted to trained and qualified specialists with real experience and training for reaction in crisis situations. The connection to us is secured at two levels in order to guarantee maximum level of security.
  5. In time and appropriate response to an alarm signal – in case of entering attempt to a site protected by SATIS SECURITY , the installed technical security system sends an alarm signal to the 24/7 surveillance center at SATIS SECURITY and to the closest patrol vehicle that responses immediately to the site.
  6. You do not need reaction from our response teams  – in such case, you have the option to receive, directly from our operators, the alarm signals provided by the security system and these signal will be transfered to a contact person appointed by you or you can provide another means for communication. For additional assistance or help, you can keep in touch with our operator. 
  7. You already have technical security system established at your site but you would like to work with us? SATIS SECURITY can connect the existing technical security system to 24/7 OPERATION CENTER, that will take care of the security of your property and it is up to you to decide what security operations to be performed by us. We only need to make an inspection of the security systems at your site in order to be able to establish their method of connection.