Real time security surveillance – NOT ONLY ON TAPE

Real time security surveillance – NOT ONLY ON TAPE

SATIS SECURITY is licensed according to Private security operations act and operated based on internationally recognized standards for 3 systems:

  • Quality management system  ISO 9001:2008
  • Information security management system ISO 27001:2005
  • Health and safety during work management system  OHSAS 18001:2007

The company has acquired and implemented ERP system powered by  Microsoft for process management and additional information protection.

"The efforts of the management in such directions guarantee quality and quick service and maintain high security level for personal data and information related to our customers. In that sense, the preservation of privacy and confidentiality of information between us and our customers is main priority for us and is absolutely required having in mind the trust put in us – to monitor bases, premises, grounds or building that our customers entrusted us to secure" –
Georgi Georgiev – Procurator

Security surveillance – WHY CHOSE IT?

  • Reduction of security costs and elimination of human error or fatigue
  • Advantage to SOT services that are effectively used primely in closed compounds without movement of individuals or objects
  • By using video surveillance systems we achieve – remote visual security of open or closed premises or areas no matter if there is movement on them or not
  • PREVENTION – huge advantage to SOT security method is the opportunity for prevention against violation of the secured property. As opposed to SOT systems, where the reaction is bounded to break-in alarm signal, with the real time video surveillance, we can send teams on site when we spot suspicious movement of individuals and vehicles around the secured site, which on one hand, would prevent the violation of customer's property and on the other, would reduce the expenses required for repairs etc.
  • Control of work place and inventories – thanks to the real time surveillance it is possible to visually control the actions of employees at the territory of the secured site. One very important fact, that guarantees unprejudiced control is the location of the surveillance unit – it is outside the structure and premises of the employer physically and formally.
  • Disadvantage - the method is not appropriate for implementation of access control regime at entrance/exit points. In order to be able to implement access control operations, we use specially trained security team for physical security.


The human eye has limited vision range - and that fact sets limitations on the physical security on site.

With proper positioning of a predetermined number of cameras, we can cover big premises and grounds and the video data transmitted from the site are organized by special method which gives the option all secured premises and grounds to become part of the visual range of one person.

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