Man-on-site guardianship

Man-on-site guardianship

SATIS SECURITY is licensed according to the Private security operation act by issued valid license allowing us to implement security operations at the territory of Bulgaria, not only in Varna region. The company meets all requirements for performance of security operations according to the legislation in force and works with carefully selected team of well trained security specialists.

SATIS SECURITY uses high technological means for video surveillance, signaling and security equipment, access control etc., it maintains 24/7 security teams coordination center and continuously functioning mobile groups for control and support of security teams at the territory of secured sites.

SATIS SECURITY is one of the few security companies at the territory of Varna with huge practical experience in management of parking lots and garages, keeping of accountability on site, implementation of access control and issuance of raw accounting documentation on site and  works with parking lots at the territory of town of Varna with total capacity between 25, 50 and 100 parking places.

SATIS SECURITY is also experienced in the security of building sites, production areas and quarries, where on top of the strict access control also other specialized control operations are performed in the benefit of the contractor and in order to protect his property located on the sites under protection.

SATIS SECURITY has insurances for professional liability and general civil protection insurance and is capable, in case of insurance event, to indemnify in time the damages suffered by the customer of the company. 

The portfolio of  SATIS SECURITY includes more than 20 sites provided with man-on-site guardianship at the territory of municipalities of Varna, Provadia and Veliko Tarnovo.

In order to guarantee the security of the sites taken under protection, SATIS SECURITY has specialized reaction groups for support of the sites security teams and the number of guards registered with  SATIS SECURITY is more than 120.

The company guarantees high level of service, combined with professionalism, security in the offered activities, and last, but not least, loyalty to the customers. As additional measure and guarantee of the quality of service offered,  SATIS SECURITY provides the customer with the option to select among specialists selected by the company that are going to be directly responsible for the security implementation on the customer site!


The company has met the requirements and is certified according to the following internationally recognized standards:

  • ISO 9001:2008 "Quality management system" - certificate No. 7957
  • ISO 27001:2005 "Information security management system" - certificate No. I-1061, standard that is unique to the industry at national level and is absolutely required in the security industry, according to the opinion of the management
  • ISO 18001:2007 "Health and safety during work management system" - certificate No. О-0062

In order to provide quick response, protection and efficiency during its operations,  SATIS SECURITY implemented ERP management system.


In order to be able to provide you with physical protection provided by skillful and motivated team for protection of your property – the process involves:

  1. Inspection on site by  professionals, who will localize critical and dangerous zones that lead to vulnerability and create security risk for your property. During the inspection, you receive:
    • free consultation in the field of security
    • opportunity to request a security regime of the site that meets your requirements and needs – specific uniforms, appropriate behavior and culture of the security team, allocation of security posts, access control regime, determination of secured areas with access control etc.
  2. Preparation of  specialized security proposal, including proposals for modernization and optimization of the security of your property – opportunity to improve the security level of the protected areas and together with that to optimize security expenses.
  3. To  hear your opinion – discussion of the security proposal prepared specially for you. Finding the most appropriate and effective solution that will  guarantee the security of your property and will meet your desires and requirements.
  4.  Agreement on a plan – the security of your site is performed based on site security plan that implements your requirements and determines: the security regime for the site, the regime for security teams change, the duration of security teams shifts, number of security posts and number of security guards per shift, fortification facilities, access control, number of access control points for the site and restricted access areas.
  5. Taking the site under the security of SATIS SECURITY – formation of  skillful and qualified team of professionals to take care of the security of your property. During their work, our security teams:
    • perform strictly their duties, including the security plan for the site;
    • their actions are guided by Instructions for reaction in various situations;
    • perform their duties in appropriate and  discreet manner;
    • sign confidence declaration;
  6. Communication with 24/7 OPERATIONS CENTER and mobile teams
  7. Support of the security teams on site – in-time response of the mobile team when prevention is required or in case of an event.
  8. You would like to work with purposeful team – our values can be summarized by the following 3 words:
    • Professionalism
    • Security
    • Correctness
  9. What is more?
    • We believethat knowledge acquired and precise criteria for operations are the base for successful development and guarantee for the satisfaction of our customers!
  10. Did you know?
    •  70% of the unsolved crime cases against property are due to the low level of qualification of the security teams on site, who are not able to preserve the crime scene and the evidence in it.
    • The inappropriate reaction of security teams in case of fire, disaster or emergency situation can result in human casualties!
    • Bad communication culture of the security team can  ruin your reputation or even lead to lost customers and financial losses!
    • Ineffective operation of the own security unit can result in:

Security breach


or damage

of your property, for which you are going to pay 3 times:

  1. when acquired
  2. expenses for own security
  3. its loss - entirely or partially

You are insured!
But the insurance is also paid by you ...


If our security teams are not operating efficiently this is our problem!

You get the compensation for your property form our insurance!