Professional property manager and cashier

Professional property manager and cashier


We, from SATIS BULGARIA offered the services  Professional property manager and cashier of commonhold to our customers in 2008. 

In 2012 we wished ourselves to add guaranteed quality for our customers and also to make these services a worthy competitor at international level. Lead by these ideas we implemented three internationally recognized ISO standards for:

  • Quality management system ISO 9001:2008
  • Information security management systemISO 27001:2005
  • Health and safety during work management system OHSAS 18001:2007

Thanks to these standards, we succeeded in adding to our operations approved international practices and experience in these areas and we have completed them with our experience and useful practices. In such a way, we succeeded in remodeling the services offered to the size of the Bulgarian citizen and tailored them with the quality of the international standards.



  • organization of the general assemblies of the commonhold
  • keeping of all documents required by the  Commonhold management act
  • consultation and assistance to the owners when taking common decision
  • collection and processing of individual proposals and questions about common issues related to the well-being of the property they live in
  • coordination, management and implementation of the decisions of the commonhold
  • comprehensive consultations on matters related to the management and well-being of the commonhold
  • registration of the commonhold in the relevant administrative registers
  • keeping of accountability about the implementation of the decisions of the general assembly and the sums used in relation to the above
  • contracts management and negotiation of contracts with commonhold
  • protection of the rights of the commonhold for contracts with third parties
  • representation of the Commonhold before third parties
  • reaction to signals for emergency or disaster occurred at the territory of common parts of the Commonhold and coordination of the operations for their correction


  • Change of electrical bulbs and sockets in the common parts of the Commonhold during regular visits of the building


  • regular and fixed visits on site for Commonhold fees collection from individual owners
  • option to pay the Commonhold fees to a bank account
  • payment of sums due for electricity, water, lifts service etc.
  • keeping of detailed accountability of sums collected and used in relation to the Commonhold payments management
  • presentation of comprehensive six-moth and annual reports about the state of the Commonhold cash
  • preparation of forecasts and analyses related to the budget of Commonhold
  • keeping of the incomes and expenses log book of Commonhold
  • accountability of the collected emergency fund
  • regular communication with debtors to the Commonhold funds
  • sending of individual invitations to the debtors of the Commonhold
  • organization of deferred payment for the debtors of Commonhold