Professional consultations on presented issues

Professional consultations on presented issues


Service that was added to the portfolio of  SATIS MANAGEMENT in 2013.

Professional consultations is a service that we created inspired by our aspiration to offer individual approach to each customer. We believe that the service allows us to meet the concrete requirements of different types of Commonhold in the town of Varna, of their managers and owners in order to be able to answer to precise and sometimes painful questions, related to common well-being of the buildings we live in and that surround us.

By this service we provide the opportunity for our expertise and experience to work for you.


  • Ask us a question about a subject, case or issue that are important to you or the commonhold you live in – by phone, by e-mail, send an inquiry through the web site
  • You are going to receive a letter or call back detailing the required consultation form – personal, over the phone or provided by e-mail
  • We are going to agree on appropriate time, that is convenient for everybody, in order to perform the consultation 


What types of questions can I ask?

You can ask us anything in the filed of Commonhold management

How much will it cost?

The price is determined by complexity of the consultation and intricacy of the question we are going to consult you about. When we get acquainted with your case, we are going to be able to determine the cost of the consultation.

Additional information:

Our mission for the service Professional consultations is mainly to share our experience and knowledge and make them available not only to our regular customers but to everybody. We would like to improve the level of public culture in the field of Commonhold management and provide confidence for the people tasked with the complex assignments of Property manager, cashier and controller of a Commonhold. 

I have a question but I am not sure if it is in the field of Commonhold …

Please, do not hesitate to contact us and ask your question. We would like to be as helpful as possible even if we are not able to offer professional consultation on your question, we can advise on where you can provide citizen signal, which are the responsible authorities for the matter, which are the competent control authorities and where you can find them.