Management and keeping of residential areas and office buildings

Management and keeping of residential areas and office buildings

When the company was established in 2008, we created a specialized unit dealing with  Management and keeping of residential arias, administrative and office buildings.  Led by our desire to offer to our customers at the territory of town of Varna, and not only, the comport of comprehensive services, combined with guaranteed and continuous level of quality – no matter of the diversity of activities that are required by the maintenance.

In the scope of the above service offered by us we give you the opportunity to benefit from the unique convenience of communication of all matters related to keeping and maintenance to only one person. This opportunity releases you from the unpleasant task to look the required person responsible who has to deal with your problem. The Personal keeping specialist is responsible for the quality control of the individual maintenance and keeping operations, for the coordination of the implementation of various tasks required by your building or complex and is engaged with the satisfaction of owners or users of the building or complex. 

Expedience of the building management service offered:


Assigning the responsibility for maintenance of order, cleanliness and security of the territory of your building to external company specialized in this type of operations assumes a lot of advantages, among which are:

  • work with professionally trained team
  • increased resources for the requirements of the maintenance that is not recruited incidentally but is available and is at the required professional level
  • opportunity for synchronization with practice during solving of concrete issues related to building management
  • more free time for the owners of the building that can be used for their personal assignment or rest


The organization of such operations, centralized in one managerial unit that is responsible for the entire implementation and quality of the service provides opportunity for the users of the building, when there is a problem, to request assistance from one individual who is taking care of resolving the problems in the framework of the agreed conditions and proposing cooperation like consultation on issues related to the general well-being of the site, in the field of his/her competences, enriched by the knowledge of the entire team. 


Clearly set requirements for the level and scope of the services offered, identified in the building management contract, set precise boundaries of the obligations and responsibilities of the parties and predefined expected results from the assigned maintenance and set clear requirements to order, cleanliness and security of the building as a whole, leaving the achievement of these results and probable risks to the implementing company. 


As an addition to agreed services, we provide in-time response of our maintenance teams in case of extraordinary circumstances as a result of the overloaded utilization of the common areas of the building that are at disposal of the users in the time frame of the set working day.

We provide the the equipment and materials required for the maintenance, which improves the tear and wear resistance of the common areas as a result of their dynamic usage and maintains their good appearance.


  • Quality management system  ISO 9001:2008
  • Information security management system ISO 27001:2005
  • Health and safety during work management system  OHSAS 18001:2007


For keeping and maintenance of closed type living areas

  •  Taking care of cleanliness at the territory of common grounds of your complex
  •  Routine maintenance and care of green areas
  •  Commissioning and maintenance of pools and facilities – application of chemicals and daily checks of the water chemical readings, taking care of the water cleanliness and winter care of pools
  •  Care of common facilities in the complex – water pumps, softening stations, water cleaning stations etc.
  •  Spraying with repellent agents gains insects during summer season
  •  Replacement of bulbs, electrical switches etc. at the territory of the common areas of the complex
  •  Assistance and coordination for repairs at the territory of the common areas of the complex
  •  Guards and access control for outsiders at the territory of the complex
  •  Porter and information service at the complex entrance
  •  Organization of lift servicing in the complex
  •  Professional property manager for organization of general assemblies in the complex and assistance to the owners in taking decisions, related to the well-being of the complex
  •  Commonhold cashier in the complex responsible for collection  of monthly fees from individual owners in the building, including the option for the fees to be paid by bank transfer.
  •  Complex and individual SOT services at the territory of the complex and individual owners in it
  •  Consultation about matters related to commonhold management in the complex

The listed activities for comprehensive care of administrative and office buildings can be combined, spit or supplemented according to the requirements of the customer.

For administrative and office buildings keeping

  • Taking care of the cleanliness of the common areas of the building – staircases and platforms, window displays, foyers and other representative areas with increased people's traffic
  • Taking care of the cleanliness of the open areas around the building
  • Taking care of the cleanliness in underground parking lots and garages
  • Security and organization of the access control at the territory of parking lots and garages
  • Routine maintenance, revival and arrangement of green areas around the building in order to keep them in pleasant and representative appearance
  • Reception, porter or information service in the building
  • Renting management – looking for lessees in order to be able to realize the commercial areas in the building, full support for the preparation and signing of leasing contract of the commercial areas in the building and taking care of the comfort and satisfaction of individual lessees in the building
  • Guards and access control at the building entrance
  • Consultation and assistance in matters related to organization of access control to the building – location and selection of the most appropriate access control facilities, organization of the access control in the building with option for balance between required security level for the territory and preserving the comfort of the users and visitors of the building – this option is best to be considered at the design stage of the building
  • Cleaning of offices and premises in the building
  • Maintenance and service of systems and equipment in the building
  • Cleaning of sanitary and domestic premises in the building
  • Organization of consumables replacement of the individual offices and premises in the building – the service provides option for control of consumables replacement and supply for the building, maintenance of the cleanliness of the building, comfort of the building visitors
  • Replacement of the consumables in the sanitary premises etc.
  • Comprehensive consultation at design stage in order to establish maximum functionality and comfort for the building users depending on its intention

The listed activities for comprehensive care of administrative and office buildings can be combined, spit or supplemented according to the requirements of the customer.

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