Cleaning of buildings and offices

Cleaning of buildings and offices


When the company was established in 2008, we created specialized unit dealing with cleaning of common areas in buildings, including office premises.  Our purpose was to assist to local property managers and building owners in the care of the common areas of their building. Later on, we took this initiative more personally. Realizing the importance of hygiene factor we grew up and upgraded our vision about the essence of cleaning services we offer.

According to our philosophy, the cleaning services do not only limit to sweeping the floor, brushing dust, dry and wet cleaning, and aroma for the premises that are cleaned.  They provide certain quality of life to the people that move in these premises.  They determine the level of healthy living and working conditions for these people and we are happy to give our personal contribution in the improvement of the living environment. 


We believe we create cleanliness. We are working hard to improve the hygiene factor in the town of Varna and in Bulgaria. This idea is personal engagement of every one of SATIS MANAGEMENT team.

In order to guarantee the quality and healthy working conditions in our organization, we implemented, not only in words, three internationally recognized ISO standards for:

  • Quality management system ISO 9001:2008
  • Information security management system ISO 27001:2005
  • Health and safety during work management system OHSAS 18001:2007



Cleaning of common areas of residential and office buildings. It includes cleaning of all floor grounds, from the top to the bottom, all staircases, no matter to which floor they lead, ground floor and foyer of the building and all stair-connecting platforms. It covers all elements of the common areas, like parapets, windows, sills, dust collecting corners, dusty light fixtures, lift cabins etc..

The cleaning process is performed with professional cleaning and hygiene agents that guarantee more freshness and long-term cleaning effect.



The routine, subscribed, cleaning of office premises is performed in convenient time – early, in the start of the work day, after the workday is finished or in other time that would not interfere with the normal functioning of the work processes.

The cleaning includes activities, involving the routine maintenance of good hygiene and cleanliness of the office space. During the cleaning process, we take care of all details – windows, sills, cobwebs and dust on all surfaces, corners and walls of the premises or other hidden locations, brushing and washing, than swapping the floor in order to prevent prints formation and of course careful cleaning and perfuming and why not, changing the consumables in the sanitary premises.


The cleaning process is performed with professional cleaning and hygiene agents suitable for the cleaning purpose that guarantee more freshness and long-term cleaning effect.