Electronic cashier

Electronic cashier


New service was added in SATIS MANAGEMENT portfolio in 2014 and created to service more advanced and dynamic cooperations in town of Varna – ELECTRONIC CASHIER OF COMMON HOLD.

In order to be in line with time, to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our partners and in order to provide maximum convenience for them, we developed the service Electronic cashier for the territory of town of Varna.


The service gives you the option to collect the fees of your Commonhold through our company or by bank transfers.  The owners in the building will receive electronic information about fees payable and when they pay them, they will receive electronic confirmation of the payment and revenue document.


The service provides the option for you to receive monthly, regular reports about the budget state of the Commonhold to e-mail addresses provided by you – without limitation to their number.

The service developed by us is flexible and provides you with  the option to decide for yourselves:

  • We will collect the fees together with you or you can delegate this responsibility entirely to us.
  • You are going to use only the potential of the electronic fee collection service or you are going to include visits on site.
  • Who is going to take care of the expenses – us or you
  • The type of the report you would like to receive - full report of collected and used amounts for a given period or summarized statement of the sums collected through a bank account to the budget of your Commonhold.
  • The period for which you would like to receive reports about the state of the budget of your Commonhold
  • Number of electronic addresses to which you would like us to send the information about the budget of your Commonhold


I cannot decide by myself!

It is not required. The only requirement is to visit us and share with us your needs and requirements and we are going to offer you the most appropriate action plan.

Are my personal data secured?

The company is a registered administrator of personal data according to the requirements of Personal data protection act and this circumstance is recorded in the Register of the Personal data protection committee of Republic of Bulgaria.

On top of that, the company has implemented internationally recognized standard dealing with information security - ISO27001:2005

The standard functions as combination of processes and security measures that guarantee the protection of the informational data base of the company and regulates the access of employees to information entrusted.

Supreme principle for operation is the rule that employees have access only to information directly related to their activities.

Is the information handled by the company secured?

The level of security for information protection provided by  ISO27001:2005 is comparable to the security level of the most prestigious state secret agencies. 

Should I call general assembly of the Commonhold?

In order the implementation of the service to be legitimate, there should a decision of the general assembly of the Commonhold to support it. This circumstance should not change your mind. When you contact us and if you desire, you will get full support during all stages of the transfer period for service implementation. This assistance will cost you nothing. In the above case, our cooperation is free of charge.

What warranties do I get?

Warranty for the quality of service offered by us is the implemented international standard dealing with quality of services  – ISO 9001:2008, our numerous customers and their references.

We believe that the other warranty that can be provided by us are the contracts that serve as a ground for implementation of our services.

The contracts contain detailed descriptions of our responsibilities and the rights that are delegated to us in order to be able to implement the tasks assigned.